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Our First Child...We Didn't Know It Could Happen to Us

A knot in our daughter’s umbilical cord hindered the flow of oxygen needed for her to survive. We were attentive parents, attended all of our routine OB visits, and even complained of low fetal movement to doctors during several trips to the hospital. However, we were sent home each time with assurances that she was okay.


She was not okay.


We gave birth to a 7lb, 6oz. sleeping angel with a true knot in her umbilical cord, which was also wrapped around her neck.


We were not okay.

Devastated, we sought help with our bereavement from our local community but to no avail. Overwhelmed, our 

family and friends had no clue how to help us. After several months, we were finally able to find the assistance we needed. Through our process we realized that like the physical knot that caused our daughter to pass, there are intangible “knots” that negatively affect the lives of both unborn and born children and their families.

Not wanting another family to experience what we did, we created Knot My Baby, an organization to support reproductive loss families, which later evolved into The Baby Resource Center, a 501c3 non-profit organization that advocates for and provides comprehensive information on safe pregnancy and infant care practices, and recovery resources to families impacted by pregnancy and infant loss.

Though we can never eliminate all losses, we believe that offering the latest information in prenatal and infant care can empower families to work carefully with their prenatal and pediatric team to reduce the risks of loss during and after pregnancy.

Education + Advocacy = An Increase in Successful Pregnancies





"Even in death, Kennedy Grey Smith was born with a purpose."


- Colin & Brooke Smith

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