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Every year in America one in four mothers experience a pregnancy or infant loss. Research shows that with additional pregnancies the risk of further infant loss increases. Losing a child is something a parent never gets over. It doesn’t matter if that child lived decades, a few years, or was a miscarriage.


My name is Colin Smith. My wife, Brooke, and I know what this grief feels like. We lost a baby who was stillborn. After our loss, we discovered there was a lack of resources for grieving parents like us. We felt this was unacceptable and decided to do something about it.

We founded The Baby Resource Center, a charitable organization that offers educational information to help increase successful pregnancy outcomes while supporting families affected by pregnancy and infant loss.



Some of the services we offer include:

  • Free Doula Support

  • Baby Safety Education Workshops

  • Monthly Peer Support Groups

  • Fatherhood Resources

  • Therapy and Memorial Grants

Each year we host NYC's Annual Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Walk. We start this commemoration with healing

and recovery workshops then we inspire and mobilize our walkers across the Brooklyn Bridge into our beautiful candle ceremony to honor our children.


The Baby Resource Center also created #goPINKandBLUE, 

a viral pregnancy and infant loss awareness campaign that can be seen world wide on social media with over half a million supporters and 83 million uses since it's conception.

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