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  • Find a doctor you trust with your life. You and your baby deserve it.

  • Keep good communication with your doctor during all stages of pregnancy.

  • GET ORGANIZED. Since we know the reality of pregnancy, keep track of your body, symptoms and details of all the information given to you at your appointment. 

  • If maintaining a healthy diet doesn't come easy, ask your doctor if they can refer you to a nutritionist to help you with your health and wellness goals.

  • Walking is always benefitial, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise.

  • Steer clear of recreational substances like alcohol and smoking.

  • Prenantal vitmans with 400mg of folic acid are known to be key in your baby's development. Ask your doctor if prenatal vitamins are right for you.

  • ASK QUESTIONS. However, the barrier is that unless you are experienced in this field, you really don't know what to ask.






This website provides you with wonderful resources to keep track of all your information while trying to conceive and during birth. Personally, I was addicted to their app when trying / having my rainbow baby. 




Their, "See Me, Feel Me," page is an amazing resource that can help guide you through your pregnancy from start to finish.




We only wish we knew about their resources during our first pregnancy.

They even offer an amazing app which helps you track your baby's movement.

The Pink and Blue Doula Program

Are you planning to conceive

or currently expecting?

Do you desire one on one support

throughout your pregnancy?

Would you like more information and/or

resources during you pregnancy?

Could you use additional birth

support during your delivery?

Does your partner need

support as they support you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be the program for you! In an effort to be proactive against poor birth outcomes, The Pink and Blue Doula Program was designed to help educate you on the importance of advocacy. Pregnancy can be an emotional journey. Prepare to take it on with priceless knowledge.

Educational Classes  -    Newborn Giveaways  -  Birth Support


Click the SIGN UP button to apply for services.

Your monthly or one time gift allows us to continue providing services to our participants free of charge. 

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